Monday, November 26, 2012

About APS

Atlantic Protective Services was founded in 1982 as a security guard services company in the Tidewater area, providing both armed and unarmed security officers. The company remained localized in Tidewater, building an enviable reputation for high-quality, reliable service.

In 1988, APS began security services outside the Commonwealth of Virginia, and over the years has provided service in North Carolina, Massachusetts, West Virginia, and the District of Columbia, just to name a few areas.

In 1992, APS opened a new division for the sales, installation, and monitoring of electronic security systems, thus making APS a true full service security company.

We also currently have branch offices in Hampton  and South Hill, Virginia. Our central monitoring station, which is co-located with our Virginia Beach headquarters, can provide 24-hour protection of your customers, dispatching the police department, fire department, or ambulance services as necessary.